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An overdraft facility is a flexible line of credit providing access to funds to manage the day to day cash flow needs of a business. It is designed for business with short-term working capital requirements, to fund operational needs to an agreed amount.

How Can it Help You?

  • Manage the seasonal cash flow requirements of your business cycle
  • Access your account, pay bills and transfer money online without leaving your home or office


Limit amount

Minimum limit amount $50,000
No set maximum limit


No set term (however this facility is repayable on demand)

Interest rate

Residential security: the Residential Equity Rate (RER) + or - client margin

Other security: Overdraft Index Rate + or - client margin depending on your credit risk rating

Interest charging cycle

Interest is charged on the first business day of each month


Provided the account balance fluctuates within the limit, no formal repayment arrangements need to be established. Overdrafts are subject to annual review

Establishment fee

Scale establishment fee applies and is calculated on the full Facility limit

Overdraft line fee

Scale Overdraft Line Fee applies

Transaction capabilities

Full transactional capabilities.  For example, you may transfer, withdraw or deposit funds

Access options

  • ATM
  • Cheque book
  • Branch
  • Online (NetBank, CommBiz)


Facility need to be secured to the bank's satisfaction

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